Schedule of Events

This year’s Orlando Japanese Sword Show will be packed with great events, designed to further your knowledge, in the study of Nihonto and Kodogu.

Some of the Events We Are Planning:

Saturday, 6/23:

11:00- Lecture on Kogatana; Pat Giacobbe.

12:00-  Lecture on Yari; Bobby Block.

1:00- Cutting Demo; US Toyama Ryu Batto Jutsu.

2:00- Lecture on Shinsa style Kantei; Mike Yamasaki Sensei.

3:00- Mukushin Ryu with Bamboo Cutting; Pete Campbell Sensei.


Sunday 6/24

11:00 Joe Forcine. Juyo sword display and lecture.

2:00 Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iaido demo by Gil Gilespie sensei, and his dojo.