Table Holders: Dealers and Collectors

List of Current Table Holders (Updated Regularly):

Note: Table Holders, if you would like to update your contact information, please contact Bob Elder.  The website administrator (Jon Healy) has limited information.

Japanese Sword Society of the United States (JSSUS);

Tom Andrews

Al Bardi

Moses Becerra;

Ricky Becker

Bobby Block Lecture on Owari swordsmiths and history. Sensational!

Bushido Shirts

Mark Ceskavich. Lecture on Akasaka tsuba.

Ken Clark. Display of very rare jutte.

Bruce Cohen

Jim Colorado

Merlin David;

Ray Deadman

Bryan Doyle “Tatsushinsai Kane Hisa. Specially made for “Kodama Hatsumi.” Commemorating the China Incident.

Bob Elder:

2 matchlocks, 3 tanto/wakis and more.

Don Elder;

Papered 1st generation Tadahiro and other fine antiques.

Arnold Frenzel

Robert Fisher

Pat Giacobe

Bill Green;

Jon Healy; 561-201-6500;

Tachi signed Tadayoshi, Gendaito signed Kanetoshi, Mumei (Kanefusa) Wakizashi and other swords and fittings.  A collection of Woodblock Prints.

Wally Hostetter;

Keith Hostler: Kamakura Tachi signed Masa Hiro with cutting test. Nobu Taka waki. Shinto Tomo Tsune. Also dual signature gold inlaid Gembei SukeSada.

4 high end swords for display.

Mark Jones;

Michael Kuhn

Kitt McNabb

Fred Miley

Bill MiIler;

Scarce Seki style matchlock, Tansu and more.

Eric Molina

Andy Quirt

Chris Randall

David Rappaport:

Bushido Shirts.


Custom made bokuto.

Jack Schubert

Markus Sesko;

Tony Smith

Koji Sugimoto

Mike Yamasaki; Lecture Friday afternoon. Saturday talk on “what to look for when buying swords and fittings.”